Introduction to Houseman Web Site

Houseman Egypt, being in hotel and industrial water treatment business since 1980’s has developed tremendous technical on field experience that allows HOUSEMAN to be a reputable and reliable reference to water treatment solutions.

Through our two factories located in Egypt, we produce top quality water treatment chemicals that are exported to more than 6 countries in Africa and Middle East.

Our product range includes boilers treatment chemicals, cooling towers treatment chemicals, RO plants treatment chemicals, closed circuits treatment chemicals, and potable water treatment chemicals.

Through our technical team and Engineering we also provide top quality after sales services and technical consultancy services.

Houseman has a very long experience in environmental and water hygiene services.

On our web site, we will aim to provide our dear visitors with rich technical articles to provide guidelines for solving general technical water treatment risks and challenges.

We will also provide discussion boards for our dear visitors through which further consultancy solutions to specific technical challenges could be provided.

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